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KANE GeoTech specializes in rockfall, slope stability, debris flow, and avalanche mitigation and has designed and overseen construction of mitigation systems throughout the United States.


Description: KANE GeoTech has been involved in hundreds of rockfall mitigation projects. We can be a part of all phases of the mitigation process, from the initial site investigation, to analysis, to design and engineering, and concluding with construction quality assurance.


Description: KANE GeoTech has become a leader in the evolution of debris flow mitigation. Although a relatively new concept in the United States, due to extensive product knowledge and experience with debris flow mitigation, KANE GeoTech has been on the forefront of engineering solutions to destructive debris flows.


Description: Over the years, rockfall mitigation ingenuity has produced a number of different solutions to mitigate other geohazards, slope stability issues being one of them. While becoming familiar with manufacturers’ rockfall mitigation systems, we have also developed years of experience with slope stability mitigation procedures.


Description: KANE GeoTech engineered one of the first avalanche mitigation systems in the United States. We have attended design school in Italy with the snow net manufacturer to gain knowledge to provide the most optimal engineering possible. KANE GeoTech continues to provide engineering and consulting services on snow nets in the United States.